Golazo GeoNotes is available. It's social web app that integrated with Google Friend Connect highly.


I'm afraid my expressions may be rude or hard to read, because I'm not so good at English. But please, please be patient! I will try hard to learn English!

Thank you very much for the chance to introduce Golazo GeoNotes.

Golazo GeoNotes

Golazo GeoNotes is the social web application that integrated with Google Friend Connect (GFC) highly. I developed this demo app from the following purpose.

* What kind of a social web application can we build when we use GFC platform and API?

* When we use GFC platform and API, how far we can develop a social Web application effectively?

In this app, you post a geographic text, and can associate a geographic coordinate automatically. And you can share the text with a friend.

This app depends on GFC platform and API for the following social functions.

* With sign-in button of GFC and and two-legged OAuth by fcauth this app authenticate an account and link a profile.

* This app displays Site View, Home View, Profile View, and Canvas View with a social graph of GFC.

* This app displays members, friends, footprints, activities, chat, comment, and recommend with a Social Gadgets in each

* This app depends on Members Gadgets for the management of the profile, a search and the invitation of the friend.

A development environment and the volume of this app are as follows.

* Aptana Cloud (Jaxer, Apache2, MySQL5)
* ActiveJS
* opensocial-jaxer-client
* opensocial-jquery
* jQuery XML to JSON Plugin
* CSS Browser Selector

* 896 lines of JavaScript on client and server.
* 10 pages of HTML
* 2 tables on database
* 9 social gadgets

I want to contribute to the Jaxer, GFC, and OpenSocial with this demo app. Did you think to develop the custom social web application that used Jaxer and GFC?

Thank you.

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